Who is the Lone Ranger? And why do I want to REACH them.


Who is the Lone Ranger? And why do I want to REACH them.

Who is the Lone Ranger? And why do I want to REACH them.

Uncle Mark wants YOU. If you have children born between 1965 to 1981 or know of anyone fitting this description
show them this article—-You will be doing them a big favor !!!

Generation X may not be as big as the baby boomer generation, but it is 70 million strong. Generation X makes up the next face of retirement and continues to be overlooked. But, as a 2012 Insured Retirement Institute study suggests, this generation is in dire need of financial advice. From fears of longevity to paying for healthcare-related costs during retirement, this group is open to learning from trusted insurance professionals who can provide the expertise to guide them through the retirement planning process.

Who is Generation X?

Generation X  who are you and what are your retirement concerns?

Now Generation X is commonly referred to as Gen X. It is the generation born after the post-World War II baby boomers during the years 1965 to 1981.

Generation X Today

An Educated, Underinsured Group Today, as a group, Generation X is technologically savvy and generally gathers information from the Internet through onlinereviews and social media. They are educated compared to other generations, with one third having at least a Bachelor’s degree, and many working in professional occupations. A majority of married Gen Xers own homes, as the following indicates:

Gen X largely consists of families with children, breadwinners approaching prime earning years, and those tasked with caring for aged parents. The combination of these characteristics positions them as model candidates for life insurance and annuities. Gen Xers are largely married with dependents; their current levels of insurance coverage indicate, however, that their households will not be able to cover future living expenses if the primary wage earner dies.

Facing an Uphill Battle

Now that we have an understanding of who Gen X is, let’s take some more time to understand their specific fears related to retirement. Similar to baby boomers, Gen Xers have their own concerns surrounding the “what-ifs” of retirement. Generation X faces an uphill battle, getting hit the hardest by the Great Recession.6 And what’s even more eye-opening, Gen Xers are on track to be financially worse off than the generations before them.
Unlike many Baby Boomers, most Gen Xers are aware that they will not have the luxury of relying on generous company pensions. Generation X is also tuned in to recent news about the uncertain future of Social Security, as many Gen Xers are skeptical that they’ll even receive projected Social Security benefits. And to make matters worse, Generation X faces high levels of debt, which includes student loans, high housing costs and periods of unemployment. These combined factors are making a big impact on Gen X savings accounts.
According to Insured Institute’s 2012 study highlighting Generations X’s retirement confidence, as mentioned earlier, the group’s biggest retirement concern is having enough money to live comfortably during their retirement years, followed by fears of not having enough money to pay for medical expenses during retirement.
This undeserved market has several roadblocks ahead of them, and longevity is just one concern out of many. Gen X is in need of retirement planning advice to help meet their many objectives. Fortunately, there are some potentially effective solutions, including annuities with income riders, that you can offer Gen X prospects and clients to help them create their own “personal retirement pension plan.”

Providing An Attractive Solution: ATHENE Benefit 10SM with
Enhanced Benefit Rider: One Rider – Five Benefits*

Now I will help the individual or couple focus on how to successfully address Generation X’s main retirement fears with helpful guidance and effective strategies. ATHENE Benefit 10 with Enhanced Benefit Rider may be an effective solution to help Gen X  reach their retirement objectives and give them the confidence they need to prepare for their future. Although their retirement may be decades away, adding ATHENE Benefit 10 with Enhanced Benefit Rider to a retirement portfolio can help Gen X clients’ confront their “what-ifs” of retirement.

Before making any recommendations, it’s important to carefully understand and consider Gen X clients’ objectives. If Generation X answer yes to the following questions, it may be worthwhile for them to consider ATHENE Benefit 10 with Enhanced Benefit Rider to help diversify their overall retirement portfolio.
Generation X ask yourselves the following questions:
• Do you want retirement income guaranteed for your lifetime?
• Are you looking for a tax-advantaged way to grow your retirement dollars?
• Do you worry about outliving your retirement dollars?
• Are you concerned about having the flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs?
• Do you know how you’d pay your bills if you developed a chronic illness and couldn’t take care of yourself?
Since Generation X is faced with the possibility that they may receive reduced Social Security benefits, it’s important to focus on how Gen Xers are going to supplement their retirement income. This impressive annuity with its five-in-one benefit rider can provide guaranteed income for your client’s lifetime helping to create their own “personal pension plan.”

Furthermore, ATHENE Benefit 10’s accumulated value AND the Enhanced Benefit Rider’s Benefit Base grow tax-deferred, giving your Gen X client an instant advantage in effectively accumulating retirement dollars. The Enhanced Benefit Rider may be especially ideal for Gen X clients, as the Benefit Base can accumulate for up to 55 years or age 85, whichever is greater.
And lastly, ATHENE Benefit 10 with Enhanced Benefit Rider can provide flexibility, giving your Gen X clients the confidence of knowing they have a versatile product that can adapt to their changing needs. ATHENE Benefit 10 offers free partial withdrawals so your clients can access a portion of their annuity’s value if needed. The Enhanced Benefit Rider can provide living benefits, which allow clients to withdraw funds without penalty if they are unable to perform some activities of daily living (ADLs), are confined to a health care facility, or if they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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